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Q: Can bulldogs swim?
A: NO, they are top heavy and can drown very easily. If you bulldog is around water they should have a life jacket.

Q: Can flat faced dogs tolerate heat well?
A: NO, brachycephalic dogs cannot tolerate heat. Animals that are brachycephalic have a compressed face, with nostrils that are, often times narrowed. Additionally these breeds will have an abnormally shaped nasopharynx (the area where the nasal cavity meets the throat). It makes it very hard for them to breathe and cool down.

Q: What are stenotic nares?
A: Stenotic nares means the nostrils are malformed with narrow openings, thus restricting the dog's ability to intake air. Surgical correction required.

Q: What is elongated soft palate?
A: The soft palate extends into the back of the throat and may partially block the airway. Surgical correction required.

French bulldogs LOVE people! They love anyone and everyone. They are not the most loyal dogs, but do love their owners the most.

French Bulldogs get along with other dogs, but CAN be aggressive with other dogs, and are prey driven. They are generally social and can live with other species if you make the correct introductions.

French Bulldogs make a variety of noises. You will come to learn their different barks, yawns, snorts, chortles, yodels, screams and death wails.
All is takes to make a Frenchie happy is to include them in your daily life so they aren't home alone most of the day.
Frenchies enjoy walks. They are a moderate energy dog so short walks get the job done. They WILL NOT be your running buddy.
French Bulldogs can make good apartment dogs. These dogs don't require tons of space as long as you don’t leave them alone too long.

This is NOT an outdoor dog!! This is a Brachycephalic breed (flat faced) and pants inefficiently. Heat stress can cause the throat to swell, rapidly increasing overheating, and restricting airflow into the respiratory system. They can DIE from overheating very easily.
This dog should not be left in your car. If your car is too hot for you it is definitely too hot for your Frenchie.

French Bulldogs are very social. One of the best qualities of a Frenchie is its sociable and happy nature. This means it is your responsibility to provide them with plenty of attention. If you work long days or are gone for long periods of time then this is not the dog for you.

French Bulldogs SINK in water. You should reconsider owning this breed if you have a swimming pool or live by a lake or pond. Frenchies have a top heavy frame, chest and head. The French Bulldog cannot swim, and will quickly drown if they are in water where their feet cannot touch the ground. Some Frenchies enjoy water and can do so under close supervision or with a life jacket.

This dog is hardheaded. If you are not a patient person or don’t have time to train your puppy for the first couple of months then this is not the breed for you.

This dog can be tough to housebreak. French Bulldogs can be stubborn, and potty training can take months.